About Stenberg & Blom

Stenberg & Blom AS was established in 1986. Its heritage dates to the 1920s and the wine agency Knut Krag, where Fredrik Blom began his wine career in 1974.

Today, Stenberg & Blom sells 1,9 million litres to the Norwegian Monopoly and is among the largest sales and marketing companies in Norway.

This success is mainly due to our expertise in building internationally renowned brands in the Norwegian market. In addition to high-quality spirits brands, we represent well-known producers from most of the wine-producing world.

Our philosophy is to offer high-quality products at reasonable prices. Many of our products have therefore become very successful in the Norwegian market.

The strong performance of our business over the years is proof that our brand strategy works. We have one of the highest success rates of building brands, both through the order assortment and by growing volumes through the basic assortment.

The Stenberg & Blom team has an optimal mix – truly dedicated with a focus on strategic product & brand management.

Who works in Stenberg & Blom

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